Owner & Creator

My name is Mariana Hladik. I'm a local artist and floral designer in Melbourne, and the owner and creator of MarMar Designs--a small business providing artwork, illustration and floral designs. I've also recently added a High Tea Service and increasingly popular flower crown workshops.

I have always enjoyed exploring my creative passions. I thoroughly embrace opportunities I get through this business to work with my clients to realise their visions for events or commissioned artwork. My love for what I do is reinvigorated with the start of each new project and I always endeavour to ensure my clients are fully satisfied with the service and final product I provide. "Do what you love and love what you do" are words I am grateful to be able to live by through my work. How could you not love being constantly surrounded with flowers and art?!

Besides my obvious love for creating art and floral design, I am a daily tea drinker and a doughnut enthusiast. I love sport movies and have a developing interest in indoor rock climbing.

I established MarMar Designs in 2016 in an effort to focus more time on raising my young son. As a single mom, I felt this was an opportunity to find balance in my work and personal life, while giving me the chance to experience and enjoy the day-to-day life as a mom. So with a deep breath, I took a leap of faith and followed my long-held interest and dream of pursuing art and design. Iā€™m very excited to see where this will take me!

Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to watch my girl boss journey of creativity, or send me a message...I'd love to meet you!

A little tid bit about the name:

 As William Shakespeare wrote, "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" ...well for me, MarMar Designs was the perfect fit! In the brainstorming stage for the right business name my childhood nickname, "Mar Mar" was a top contender. Adding a personal and sentimental touch to my new small business adventure just felt right.


The Collective by Friends

I am also a proud member of The Collective by Friends. They represent Melbourne creatives and artists who are experts in servicing and styling events, parties and bespoke celebrations.